Programmatic buying on eBay

With eBay Advertising’s programmatic buying tools, advertisers benefit from the efficiencies of automated trading and can leverage the power of eBay data.

This means our advertisers enjoy greater control over their campaigns as well as greater confidence that each advertising impression is delivered to its specific target audience.

Why Programmatic

The majority of our 6 billion advertising impressions each month now come from automated trading and we’re investing heavily to drive advances in programmatic advertising.

We offer the same targeting opportunities through our programmatic trading that we offer via traditional insertion orders to help you deliver the most effective campaign based on your individual preferences. 

Whatever the type of activity, our different models are the perfect solution for delivering your message.

For advertisers to work successfully with their preferred technology partners we know choice is critical. This is why eBay optimises ad campaigns according to the benefits each technology offers. We work closely with all the main Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)

Discover our private marketplace

For brands wishing to benefit from eBay’s rich data to deliver highly targeted campaigns, we recommend our Private Marketplace (PMP) solutions.

Data-driven results

With unrivalled access to our unique data, you can target shoppers throughout their shopping journey, leveraging the following targeting options:

  • Behavioural (items searched for, viewed, bid on and bought)
  • Contextual
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • 3rd party data (Acxiom, Acorn, TGI etc.)

We make this data available to our Private Marketplace advertisers to 

  • create custom audiences
  • layer on to their existing data 

This enables them to deliver precision targeted campaigns. 

And remember, using PMP is the only way to access our unique data.

The benefits of private exchange

  • Higher ad serving priority and early session access (through our First Look service)
  • Access to premium ad formats
  • Bespoke response to briefs
  • Deeper targeting capabilities leveraging category and/or audience data
    • Examples of category targeting: Electronics, mobile phones, motors, women’s fashion
    • Examples of audience segments: Technology enthusiasts, mobile phone intenders, parenting

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