Lucrative brand opportunities with home movers and improvers this May

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3 purchases a second in the Home, Furniture & DIY category.

1 million searches for “paint”.

Men 88% more likely to search for “washing machine”.

Warmer weather and the double Bank Holiday make May a lucrative month for brands in the Home and Garden categories. New insights from eBay Advertising reveal three big opportunities for these brands to cash in on at this time of year.

Home movers

Almost eight million purchases were made in the Home, Furniture and DIY category on in May last year, equating to three purchases every second. And with 30th April and 29th May being two of the busiest dates for the UK removals industry last year, according to the UK Removals Industry News and Statistics, this time of year presents a huge sales opportunity for brands around home movers.

Given the breadth of inventory on, it is often the first port of call for consumers at every stage of the home moving journey - from preparing to move, decluttering and the moving day itself, to buying new home essentials and finally, decorating. And consumers don’t hold back when it comes to buying big-ticket items for their homes; shoppers made 26 searches per minute for “sofa” in May 2015.

And once it finally becomes warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors, shoppers turn their attention to designing their dream gardens. A significant 1.4 million purchases were made in the Garden and Patio category on in May last year, when searches for “BBQ” peaked at over 300,000 – almost doubling from March 2015.


May is also a popular month for Spring cleaning and home improvement. 12,000 power tools are sold on each week, and in May 2015 thirteen searches were made for “drill” every minute as handy shoppers looked to tackle DIY jobs head on.

The brighter evenings shine the light on dull and dirty homes, sending shoppers scrambling to redecorate: almost a million searches were made for “paint” on in May 2015. This appetite for making changes around the home presents a particularly lucrative opportunity for smart brands to present shoppers with creative messages to help inspire their next purchase.

Rise of the male cleaners

Home-related purchases aren’t always split along traditional gender lines. Breaking away from the stereotype, eBay Advertising’s insights reveal that men may be stepping up when it comes to housework: in May 2015, male shoppers made 62% more searches for “hoover” or “vacuum cleaner” and 88% more searches for “washing machine” on than women. Men also made 49% more searches for “lamp” than women in the same month – demonstrating the potential spend to be captured by marketers who think beyond traditional stereotypes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men also dominated shopping in the DIY department in a big way. On eBay in May 2015, men made 228% more searches for “drill” and 72% more searches for “paint” than women. Meanwhile, women took care of the comfort side of things, making over a tenth (12%) more searches for “chair”, over a quarter (28%) more searches for “sofa” and a staggering 110% more searches for “cushion” on than their male counterparts in May 2015.

Rob Bassett, Advertising Director at eBay in the UK says, “Whether shoppers are moving or improving their homes, this time of year presents brands with an audience that is ready to make big purchases and searching for inspiration in the Home and Garden category. But there is little value in relying solely on consumer stereotypes when allocating advertising spend.That’s why we launched our ‘Advanced Targeting’ tool, which allows brands to segment shopper groups that would usually be targeted as a whole and at the same time, such as home movers, to be hyper-targeted and efficient in their campaigns.”

May is generally a busy month for brands in the Home and Garden category, but spikes in hot weather can have a particularly big influence on shopping behaviour. So while these brands are right to be ramping up their advertising spend, they should avoid a one size fits all approach and instead be flexible to respond to factors such as the weather.
Pauline Robson, Director, MediaCom