Huge opportunities for brands to tap into the UK’s loving feeling this Valentine’s Day

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13 searches a minute for “Valentine’s” items on ‘Red Monday’ 9th February 2015.

200 searches per hour for “Valentine’s” and “present” on 13th February 2015.

Searches by women for “luxury” items up 20% the day after Valentine’s.

As one of the biggest milestones in the UK’s retail calendar, Valentine’s Day has become a key opportunity for brands to tempt shoppers to open their wallets in the name of love.

Our data shows that there are a number of different shopper segments purchasing in the days before and even after 14th February.

The rise of ‘Red Monday’

Dubbed ‘Red Monday’, the Monday before Valentine’s Day marks the high point in Valentine’s shopping for the more organised of the UK consumers.

Last year, on 9th February 2015, romantically-inclined shoppers racked up almost 20,000 searches for “Valentine” related items on, equating to more than 13 searches per minute and illustrating the scale of the opportunity for brands that are able to engage thoughtful shoppers with inspirational gift ideas.

Last minute lovers

But for every well-prepared romantic, there’s a last minute lover; on 13th February 2015, with just hours to go, there were more than 200 searches per hour for “Valentine” and “present” on Last year, the nation’s procrastination purchasers reached ‘peak panic’ between 1pm – 2pm on 13th February, as shoppers on their lunch breaks scrambled to find a late gift for their loved one – showing that there is more to Valentine’s Day than the day itself.

Men may have earned themselves a reputation for leaving it late, but our insights reveal that women are also guilty of letting their present buying slide. In fact, overall women were more likely than men to still be searching for the key word “Valentine” on 13th February last year, demonstrating that brands shouldn’t rely on gender stereotypes when it comes to targeting shoppers.

However, true to form, men still own the ‘eleventh hour’ window, searching at a rate of more than one per minute for “Valentine’s” items between 11pm and midnight on 13th February 2015 – a ratio 10% higher than that of women.

It’s never too late

Brands’ opportunities to engage Valentine’s shoppers don’t come to an end on 14th February, as long as they can tailor their messages appropriately. In fact, searches for “perfume” and “handbag” by men on rose by 24% and 30% respectively between 13th and 15th February 2015.

And women who don’t receive the gift they were hoping for often take matters into their own hands. On the day after Valentine’s Day last year, there was a 20% increase in searches for “luxury” items and a 24% rise in searches for “candle” by women on overnight.

Valentine’s Day offers a prime opportunity for brands to engage with consumers at their most purchase ready, as they return to gifting mode after a potentially quiet January. But, as these findings demonstrate, advertisers should look beyond consumer stereotypes when allocating their campaign spend. To address this, we launched our ‘Advanced Targeting’ tool, which allows brands to segment shopper groups that would usually be targeted as a whole, such as Valentine’s shoppers, to be hyper-targeted and efficient in their campaigns.
Phuong Nguyen, Director of eBay Advertising in the UK

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